InterFace Gambia TV awards and Fashion show  is the main authentic SeneGambian event for the weekend of June 28-30

As the curtain raises for 2019 summer events, InterFace Gambia TV awards and Fashion show gets the thorough authorization as the main and authentic  SeneGambian event in London for the weekend of June 28th to the 30th.

From the clout of the organisers to the packaging of the event and the brilliant record of the previous events, the annual show has all it takes to outclass all Afro-inclined events happening the same weekend.

The three-day show offers fashion, beauty, live music, awards, DJ performance and traditional displays. The event brings together a variety of entertainment and competition where the best in their individual ventures gets recognised with an award. Unlike other events that are built around a solo performance, InterFace Gambia TV and Fashion Show 2019 plans out a line of thrilling performances that exclusively differ.

The awards night (Friday June 28) opens the curtain to the events . With a red carpet door and a welcome canapé, the night will feature live music performances, DJ displays and a whole lot of other live entertainment. The award starts at 9.30pm.

The Fashion runway is tipped to be the platform to display the ever-growing fusion of Senegambian and contemporary designs. Saturday June 29 will host the Fashion Runway.  With models drawn from various backgrounds and fashion celebrities as guests, the night promises to be a classic one.  There will be live music with a long list of artists including Malick IV, SVGA, Lady Ganssiry and Maz Stone. It’s a special night that every Senegambian in the United Kingdom will be glad to be part of.

Sunday June 30 is for the UK-Gambian Fashion exhibition. This is the tail of a multiple entertainment weekend. There will be a variety of performances.

InterFace Gambia TV awards and Fashion show 2019 is the only authentic Senegambian event in London for the last weekend of June (28th-30th). These dates should be precious in the dairies of Senegambians in the United Kingdom as well as friends and colleagues of the multi-cultured community.





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