London youths urged not to carry knife




Young people in London have urged their counterparts to desist from carrying knives and warned them of the dangers of possessing a dangerous weapon.

At a workshop on knife crime and young people at the Resource For London, in Islington recently, students spoke passionately about the deadly effect of carrying a knife on families and communities, and the destruction it leaves on the lives of those affected.

There have been more than 40 fatal and non fatal stabbings across London alone this year.

Aderonke Ademola, 17, an A level student at St. George Monoux said, most youths who carry knives do not understand the consequences. She said: “Some young people carry knives without understanding the impact of their actions and what the result can be.”

Ms Ademola advised her colleagues to avoid being tempted and pressured by friends whose aims are to cause havoc and destroy lives.

Benjamin Mark Lefcoe, also 17, from City and Islington college said, “don’t get involved in knife crime. Carrying knife is not the proper way to protect yourself.”

The A level student urged the authority to target only the right people and stop stereotyping a particular set or group of people.

Ethel Tambudzai, the coordinator of the event, said: “We believe conversations like this are certainly the key to reducing the prevalence of knife crime in our community.”

Kaya Comer-Schwartz, the Islington council cabinet member for education, said it is important for young people to have a platform to discuss issues such as knife crime, and said the council is doing everything to support efforts to tackle it.

The programme was organised by the students of City and Islington College, and Journey To Justice.

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