UK’s First Gambian Traditional Fashion Exhibition sets record

Gambia’s first authentic fashion event in London set a record of its kind as it unfolded all that has to do with the real traditional fashion sense of the smiling coast of West Africa.

Held Saturday June 30 and Sunday July 1 at East London’s Boleyn Banqueting Suite, the event brought together fashion designers that create a broad mix of contemporary collection; with Gambia’s traditional fashion sense at the fore.

The event featured designers such as Nutro by Fagne, Afrination, Almas, Boribii, Ziza, Sais, Margeux and Fusion.

On the runway were models such as Modou Lamin Manneh, Agi Njie, Mamie, Delma, Netty, Amina, Zara, Mbemba Josh, Kumba, Adam Manneh, Haleema Ceesay.


There were various performances on the night. From music and dance to poetry, the likes of SVGA, Malick the Fourth, Afrika Dancers, Ayolah Hanley and Lestroy gave the audience a thrilling entertainment.


“It was big success as we have planted the event to become a growing annual fashion show”, says Sheriff Jammeh, the event’s executive producer.


“The whole team at Interface Gambia TV would like to thank all those that came out to support The UK’s First Gambia Fashion Weekend Exhibition. Firstly, big thanks to His Excellency, Mr Francis Blaine for showing support and attending the night. We are also sending appreciation to Mr and Mrs Ams and Marie Gillen for their support. We as well appreciate the efforts of Ms Amie Jammeh, Mr Roms, Mr Lamin Sam Jaiteh, Mr Tony (Big T), Mr S Touray “SOT”, Miss Ayolah Hanley, Mrs Fatou Cham Jobarteh, Miss Panda Jack, Mariama Cham, Kinneh Jeng, Mr Flex Dan, Mrs Fatou Jagne Ogunbiyi, Mr Aziz Lowe, Dr Momodou Salman, DJ Doc Deejay, Do-Let, Pa Thomas and Mr Sam Omega.

“And finally, we would like to thank the sponsors who made it possible, EJ Investment Gambia, The Minster of Gambia Tourism and Culture, HairByruggie, Maighty Hair, The Gambia High Commission uk, Kawar,The Pilgrm Hotel, Beauty by Aja Ndeye, ChamTarr and Joof’s Hair & Beauty Salon. We thank you all next year the Gambia Chi Kaw Chi Kanam reekkk.”


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